black to white

"Ceramics as a material is so intriguing and persuasive that it captures those who work with it. One is constantly tempted to preserve the porosity and the chaps that form while cutting with the thread, to keep the occasional veins, the streaks of the hand, the traces of the fingers, the tears and the fascinating lacerations. And then the smoking with fire, the beautiful browns and blacks that reminds one of a volcano or of the beginning of mankind. This way, one can talk about a return to one's origins. It is an act of reconciliation with the earth... our mother-earth, as in a womb where anguishes and divisions in the world disappear. Those very anguishes of a world that cannot answer our ultimate question in life". Nedda Guidi.

This is in essence what ceramic was for Nedda Guidi, a recently deceased artist who has lived and narrated her long artistic path. These are clear and simple words but at the same time, these are so intense that I deeply identify with them.