Ants Marching

Ants marching wants to draw attention to own commitment to a group effort. The aim of the author is to represent a community and the relationship between its components: the distance or intimacy between people, the balance between the whole of humanity and the individual, the personal relationship within societies and communities, the juxtaposition between the fragility of each entity against the solidity of the whole as in a human society.
This is portrayed through the repetition of a multiplicity of related elements. Thousands of segments are cut from coloured porcelain coils and applied one next to the other in order to represent flows: a structured rhythm made of full and empty spaces, of concave and convex particles, of shades of colours.
Though all the elements look similar to each other, however, they are always different and unique almost amounting to a declaration of individuality.
The inclusion of objets trouvés and their restoration recalls home, intimacy, care, life and memories.